Historical Trivia

Things I Learned About the 1930s while writing Saving Julie

Penny auctions were really a thing.  When farmers went bankrupt, the bank auctioned off everything – and I mean everything.  Neighbors would go to the auction and bid on every item – with most bids being no higher than a penny – and promptly return everything to the farmer. Interlopers were usually warned off – often with hoes and pitchforks.

In the 1930s…

  • A loaf of bread cost 9 cents.
  • Milk cost about 26 cents per gallon, down from 35 cents in the 1920s.
  • You’d shell out $2.50 for a man’s shirt and an overcoat would run about $15.00
  • If you had the means, you could buy a Sears and Roebuck catalog house for under $1000.
Photo credit: https://www.hyattsvillewire.com/

Sliced bread was invented in 1928.

Ford was the most popular make of car in 1936, but Cadillac was the priciest.

Photo credit: Hemmings.com

New York City and Chicago didn’t have all the mob activity during the roaring twenties and the Great Depression.  Gang life in St. Louis was just as violent – with gang wars taking out many crime families in the 1920s. Edward Hogan, known as “Jelly Roll,” was the top crime boss in the 1930s.  He was also a State Senator.

Photo credit: theirishmob.com

If you’d like to learn more trivia and tidbits from the 1930s, let me know!  There’s plenty more where these came from.

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