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Book Review: The Crossover Experience

By D.J. Kadagian, Dr. Pim van Lommel, and Gregory Sushan, PhD

Published February 2022

348 Pages

An intriguing and thought-provoking exploration of Near Death Experiences (NDEs) taken from thousands of case studies across the globe.  Each chapter presents a curated selection of NDEs focusing on one aspect of the experience, followed by commentary by the authors who are, respectively, a quantum physicist, a cardiologist, and a leading authority on NDEs in (primarily) indeginous cultures.  

Studies on NDEs aren’t new, but this book goes one step further, providing the reason behind the upticks in reported NDEs in the last 50 years (advances in resuscitation techniques) and focusing on the details of individual experiences.  

While almost all NDEers had similar experiences, such as a feeling of unconditional love and acceptance, there were many differences in experiences that I found fascinating.  For example, the afterlife seems to conform to the cultural and societal expectations of the individual.  Which simply means that an indigenous tribes person is not going to arrive and see a bustling city, while a New Yorker will not see an African Savannah.  The individuals encountered during an NDE also seem to be presented in a way that is most comforting to the NDEer.  Many reported seeing deceased loved ones that took on a human form, although the general consensus is that souls do not have a human form in the afterlife.  That they are, rather, interconnected beings of light.

According to many NDEers, they received knowledge of all things, but most of this knowledge was erased once they returned to their human form.  One thing that was not forgotten is that time is a human construct – which on some level I already understood but still find it difficult to wrap my head around.  Also, that our souls go through many lives on earth.  I firmly believe in reincarnation.  As an Evolutionary Astrology student, that belief comes with the territory.  But even skeptics who returned after an NDE recognized this truth.  Most were anxious to return “home” and many experienced great transformations in their lives and careers after their return.

“The Crossover Experience” interpreted by Wombo Dream

There was one very surprising chapter in this book for me.  I’ve long believed that hell is a Christian construct, but there were several cases presented where an NDE experience was negative and frightening, fitting many descriptions of hell.  Personally, I think that might have been a warning that their lives were either off-track or they didn’t have a foundation of faith or spiritual belief before the event.  However, that’s simply my interpretation.

If you have any interest in the afterlife or NDEs, I strongly suggest giving this book a read.  It’s not really that long – the last 20% comprises sources for each chapter and presented NDE case studies (which is great for anyone who wants to go on to further study.)  It’s also currently a Kindle Unlimited book, so there’s no excuse to pass it up.

I rated this book four stars.  ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you to BookSirens for providing me with the ARC copy of this book.  I have written my review honestly and voluntarily.

Until next time, thank you for visiting.

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