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Book Review: Channeled Wisdom for Awakening and Empowerment

By Rebecca Loach

Published November 2021

179 Pages (Kindle version)

The full title of this book is:  Channeled Wisdom for Awakening and Empowerment: Angel Messages and Aromatherapy Recipes for Reclaiming Your Power (A Year with the Angels Book Series #2).  It’s mouthful and doesn’t fit on the title line but I wanted to get it in here since it’s the aromatherapy part of the title that I found intriguing.

Before I get into that, I want to touch on the channeling aspect for a quick minute.  What is channeling?  I’ve seen channelers described as psychic mediums, but I don’t agree with that.  I can channel but I don’t see or communicate with ghosts/spirits (as opposed to Spirit/the Divine/Angels/Guides/pick your word).  To quote Amy Skarski, “Channeling is the ability to communicate with angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, and beings in spiritual realms.”  So basically, when you see a book that says channeled wisdom or channeled messages, the author tapped into the Divine and downloaded directly from Source.  The point of this slight departure from my review is to explain that channeled messages typically read differently than what we’re used to.  They sound a bit old-fashioned.  The rhythm is more lyrical than “normal” speech.  Which can be a little hard to read if you’re not used to it.  I have books I’m dying to read but they’re all written exactly as channeled and I have a hard time getting through 300 pages of that, despite the fact I’m quite comfortable with what I like to call “Spirit Speak.”  Fortunately, this book relays the channeled messages in bite-sized pieces so they’re very easy to digest.

There’s not much rhyme or reason to how the messages are presented in this book, but they’re all beautiful and uplifting.  If you’re looking for specific instructions, you might be disappointed.  That’s typically not how Spirit works (although I have been given specifics when I ask, we’re generally tasked with working things out for ourselves).  But all of the messages are supportive and loving and when combined with the aromatherapy recipes, can be practically applied.

“Channeled Wisdom for Awakening and Empowerment” interpreted by Wombo Dream

There isn’t a recipe for every message, but they are topically presented, with instructions for use, suggested ways to apply them, and information on what each oil in the blend means.  I use a salt scrub every day, although I usually fall back on simple lavender and rose essential oils in my mix.  I’ll definitely be transferring several of these blends to my journal and using them in my own daily routine.

I’d advise using this book as an oracle, investing in the paperback version and opening it at random when you feel the need for a spiritual pick me up.  I’m willing to bet you’ll land on exactly what you need to hear.  In fact, these would make wonderful oracle cards, with the corresponding essential oil blend on the back of the card.

The only thing I’d add is I’d love to see this as an audiobook with some guided meditations.

I think this book would be a great addition to anyone’s spiritual library and I’m most likely going to check out the first book in the series. I rated it four stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Until next time, thank you for visiting.

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