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Book Review: The Line: A New Way of Living With the Wisdom of Your Akashic Records

By Ashley Wood

Publication Date:  July 5, 2022

168 Pages

Before I get into the book, some readers might not be familiar with the Akashic Records.  In a nutshell, the Records are the repository of every soul memory you’ve ever – in this or any other lifetime.  I read, long ago, that we aren’t able to access our Akashic Records for this lifetime while we are living it, but I’ve since found that not to be true.  There is a method for entering them, though, and I learned it through another source last year.  I thought this book would be along the lines of the course that I took; just a different method for accessing the records but I was mistaken.  The Line teaches daily actions we can take to enhance our intuition and thus, receive messages that will guide us toward living in alignment with our soul purpose.

Sound like a lot?  The method that Wood teaches is actually quite simple.  She calls it Activating Your Line – which is another way of saying aligning your energy to a higher vibration or to the Divine.  I did nearly every exercise in this book (some I skipped because I’ve already worked through them in my spiritual journey but they’re all worthwhile), and I have to say that this was the quickest and most effective method of energy alignment I’ve come across.  It’s now a daily exercise for me.  Sometimes more than once a day, depending on how life’s going for me.

The purpose of this alignment is to be open to receiving messages from the Records; gentle nudges toward actions that will advance your soul purpose.  I hesitate to say I have a complaint with this book, but even with several examples drawn from her online community and own life, there were still times when her advice was a bit vague and advised practicing until the reader “feels” the energy or “learns” how their guides communicate.  Then again, I think best in absolutes (the concept of multiple lives happening at once makes my head explode), and I like to have my hand held with concrete examples (something my guides often chide me about).

“The Line” interpreted by Wombo Dream

The author’s style is warm and compassionate and she freely offers her insight into connecting with her guides, as well as personal examples from her own life.  She hosts a podcast, which I listened to, and her recorded voice is as lovely as I expected.  

Wood provides a prayer for directly accessing your Akashic Records, which I tried.  I have two other prayers that I use and each one gives a different perspective on the visit.  The prayer in this book was no exception.  It’s difficult to describe but while I still accessed my own Record guides, the location was different.  I was literally above the earth and was told that this was a good method if I had global questions, that I’d be more inclined to larger insights.  In addition, the exercises in the book made me realize that I’d let other practices like breathwork slip in my daily routine and led me to very interesting questions that I posed to my guides in my last visit with them.

This is a great resource for anyone new to a spiritual practice, who wants to work on increasing their intuition, or just interested in learning more about the Akashic Records and their own soul purpose.

I rated it 4.5 stars.  ⭐⭐⭐⭐+

Thank you to NetGalley and Sounds True for providing the ARC copy of this book. I’ve left my review honestly and voluntarily.

Until next time, thank you for visiting.

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