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Book Review: A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting

By Sophie Irwin

336 Pages

Publication Date: July 12, 2022

Let’s get straight into the blurb:  When Kitty Talbot is jilted by her landed fiancé, she’s left in quite a pickle since she has only three months to clear her deceased father’s debts or she and her four sisters will be homeless.  So she sets out to London to find herself a rich husband.  

For Kitty, finding a wealthy man may not be enough.  She needs a very wealthy man backed by a securely wealthy family and sets her sights on a member of the ton.  A younger son would do fine and she quickly singles out Archie de Lacy, the younger brother of Lord Radcliffe.  But Radcliffe is no fool, he knows a fortune hunter when he sees one, and he’ll stop at nothing to keep Miss Talbot far away from his family.

“A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting” interpreted by Wombo Dream

If Jane Austen and Julie Quinn had a literary love child, Sophie Irwin would be the result.  From the very first scene, this book was so much fun!  (And yes, I just used an exclamation mark.)  Strong-willed Kitty was possibly the most determined heroine I’ve run across in awhile.  Honestly, I wish I had her spunk.  The supporting characters had me chortling all the way through the book.  Despite the obvious ending (I mean, it’s a romance, we know how it’s going to end) I set another book aside to finish this one first.

Although one or two scenes matched a little too closely to Pride and Prejudice for my liking and there was a bit of head hopping, this was such an enjoyable read.  Witty, engaging characters, great plot devices, and a whirlwind tour of the London Season.  A really great debut novel.  All fans of Georgian or Regency era fiction ought to give this one a go.

I rated it a solid four stars.  ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Group Viking for providing the ARC ebook.  I’ve left my review honestly and voluntarily.

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