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Book Review: You Are Your Healer

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By Yol Swan

Published August 2022

255 Pages

In a lovely break from all of the “manifesting your best life” books that seem to be popping up everywhere (manifesting being quite the trend atm), Yol Swan invites her readers to take a deep dive into themselves to connect with their unconscious and the divine.  We all have issues and preconceptions that distances us from a life of universal love and our soul purpose; in this book, she provides a method to reconnect with your true self, not the physical body and ego that we normally associate ourselves with.

The author presents an incredibly impressive history of Vedic spiritual study.  In fact, that’s one of the things that I liked most about this book – the focus on Eastern spirituality.  I’ve studied (i.e., read about) Buddhism, but it never stuck.  While this isn’t a lecture on any specific Eastern philosophy, there is definitely a leaning in that direction.

A lot of the book focuses on disconnecting from the ego mind and letting go of your perceptions of being separate from, well, everything.  Some of it sounded a lot like shadow work, some of it honestly went a little over my head.  I’m a concrete thinker and there aren’t a lot of practical examples in the book.  When the author provided them, I found myself relating to her lessons much more strongly.  However, the “how-to” part of the book is quite detailed and seems fairly easy to follow/implement.  (I can’t say how well this method did nor did not work for me since, time being an issue, I’ve only had a chance to read the book, not put anything into practice.  I do intend to come back to it, though.)

The author provides some information that I haven’t seen before (or not nearly often enough) – for example, the pyramid of love that sets out where individuals might be on their spiritual quest, and she emphasizes we don’t always progress in a straight line.  Sometimes it’s one step forward, three steps back.  Which is nice to hear since I don’t know about anyone else, but I rarely cut myself any slack when I seem to backslide or get lazy about my spiritual practice (it happens to us all.)

“You Are Your Healer” interpreted by Wombo Dream

I will say that I’m not sure if this is a good book for beginners just starting out on their spiritual journey.  I felt like it’s fairly high-concept and I don’t think I would have been ready for this book when I was just getting interested in connecting with my highest potential.  Some parts felt a bit repetitious and I really don’t think I can quietly meditate for twenty to thirty minutes a day but you never know, it’s a goal to strive for.  Once I can quiet the hamster in my mind – kriyas are more my style since they give me something to focus on.

If you’re drawn to Eastern spiritual philosophy or even if you’ve never given it much thought but are ready to step up your practice, I recommend this book.  There’s a lot of wonderful, practical guidance within its pages. 

4/5 stars.  ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you to BookSirens for providing the ARC ebook.  I’ve left my review honestly and voluntarily.

Until next time, thank you for visiting.

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