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Audiobook Review: A Year of Mystical Thinking

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By Emma Howarth

Published September 2021

6 Hours 16 Minutes

(Book format:  288 Pages)

Did you notice anything different about this review title?  That’s right – an audiobook.  I think I’ve listened to maybe one audiobook over the past year.  If you’d asked me before this, I would have said that audiobooks just weren’t my thing.  Until I found the Hay House app.  If you’re not familiar, Hay House is one of the leading publishers of self-help and spirituality books, with authors like Caroline Myss, Radleigh Valentine, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and so many more.  I stumbled across the app and for less than buying five hardback novels, I can listen to ALL of their audiobooks for a year. 

Did I subscribe?  Heck, yes!  A Year of Mystical Thinking was my first foray on the app, but trust me, I have at least six more books queued up to listen to.

As the title suggests, the book follows the author/narrator through 2018 – a year she entered frazzled and at her wit’s end, ready to try anything to make life easier and less stressful.  She set out to try at least one new mystical practice each month, preferably for little to no cost and done at home.  From vision boards to crystals, from reiki and oracle cards to meeting her animal spirit guide, the book follows the author through each foray into daily magic. 

“A Year of Mystical Thinking” interpreted by Wombo Dream

Every chapter covers a month and gives the (pagan) holidays celebrated, as well as other correspondences.  Honestly, it was a great reminder of how simple it is to weave the mystical into everyday life and covers just about everything, save perhaps kitchen witchery.  Yes, I said witchery, because anyone who practices the craft probably already incorporates a lot of this into daily living (or you might even if you don’t consider yourself a witchcraft practitioner).  In fact, I was surprised it took until November for the “w” word to emerge (complete with rituals).  If you get the heebie-jeebies with calling anything witchcraft, well, continue to think of these practices as simply mystical or magical.  It all amounts to the same thing – finding a way to live connected with the universe so you can slow down, find your purpose, and actually enjoy life.

For me, it served as a good reminder on practices I’ve let slide and introduced some that I hadn’t considered, like crystal healing bowls (from Spotify) when I need a bit of de-stressing.  I did buy one book that was mentioned and finally did a guided meditation to meet my animal spirit guide.  He’s a young elk named Marlyn if you’re curious.  I was expecting a dragonfly.

I could have done without the tiny bit of political commentary but overall, this was a wonderful book.  I’m also glad I listened to it while commuting over the course of a few weeks rather than sitting down and reading it all at once, since I tend to get overwhelmed with a ton of information presented at one time.  This way, I was able to mull over the practices I’d heard that day and act on the ones that struck a chord.

Also, you’ll love her accent.

4.5/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐+

If you’re interested in the Hay House app (this isn’t sponsored, I’m just putting it out here), it’s called Empower You unlimited audio in the Google Play store.

Until next time, thank you for visiting.

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