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Book Review: Channeled Wisdom for Clarity and Illumination

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By Rebecca Loach

Publication Date:  August 22, 2022

168 Pages

This is book #3 in the author’s Year With the Angels series and the second book that I’ve reviewed on my blog (you can find all three on Goodreads). Normally I wouldn’t post a blog review for consecutive books in a series unless I really, really like them.  So, that should tell you something going into this review.

One of the biggest draws for me with the author’s work is the essential oil recipes.  I’ve previously made them for diffusers but this time, I had been thinking about making aura sprays and had the oils on hand for the Energetic Clearing blend so started with that one.  I’ve been dealing with a long-term health issue in my house and the energy gets stagnant quickly.  Holy moly, this aura spray did the trick!  Admittedly, I bumped up the power a bit with a charged quartz crystal in the bottle, but even without that, it would have cleared the air immediately.  It also works well when I need to work on something I’ve been putting off – cuts straight through my lame procrastination and helps me get to work.

Like in the other books I’ve reviewed, the channeled messages are lovely and the focus on clarity and illumination was timely for me.  Frankly, I don’t believe in coincidences so it wasn’t one that this ARC crossed my path when it did.  One issue I run into with spirituality books that I’m reviewing on a deadline is I don’t really have time to use them, but with this one, I had time to take it for a test drive, so to speak.  The author suggests meditating on one message a week or flipping the book open to see what message pops up, (which is more like a blind tap on the table of contents in the kindle version).  I’ve done both, read through a few messages a day and picked one blindly, and both have been totally on point with my morning oracle readings, meditation, and whatever I was going through that morning.

“Channeled Wisdom for Clarity and Illumination” interpreted by Wombo Dream

The day I pulled the “transformation,” oracle care, which was exceptionally vague for what I had going on at the time, I was confused.  But the channeled message that day was for a New Dawn/Golden Morning followed by the New Dawn rollerball blend, which is intended to open you up to new energy that you’re ready to step into.  Was it a coincidence I’d just bought two of the oils I needed for it?  I think not.  I’ve been using that blend daily ever since and feel much more open to whatever the Universe has in store for me – letting go of things that no longer serve me and my kriya meditations have really taken off as well.

That’s just one example of the book working in tandem with my cards and meditation.  On the day my expectations had left me flat and feeling less than, the “You Are Worthy” message popped up.  I could go on but suffice it to say, I’m loving this series.  Yes, I do wind up buying a few more essential oils every time a new book comes out and no, I don’t have all of them that are included in the recipes.  But even if your stock of EOs is modest, you can make these blends.  Just substitute another oil that has the same energetic properties.  I regularly sub out pine for the fir oils (which hasn’t hurt my aura spray one bit).

My next step is to buy the paperback versions to keep on hand and work into my morning journaling.  I cannot recommend these enough.

5/5 stars  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you to the author and StoryOrigins for providing the ARC.  I’ve left my review honestly and voluntarily.

Until next time, thank you for visiting.

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