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Audiobook Review: You Are a Goddess

By Sophie Bashford

Published November 2018

8 Hours 16 Minutes (288 Pages)

Sophie Bashford takes the listener (or reader) on a journey of reclaiming their own sacred feminine energy with introductions to several Goddess archetypes.  I’d like to note up front that this book is not just for women – everyone has both feminine and masculine energy so this work is applicable for both male and female seekers.  This book simply focuses on how Goddess works in our lives, leading us along our path to our own empowerment and strength, regardless of the participant’s gender. 

The author provides an overview of several Goddess archetypes. Note:  the Goddesses covered in this book are by no means all of them –  that large of a work would fill up an entire bookshelf.  However, she does touch on the ones that can address nearly any trauma, lack, crises, or event the reader is going through and covers several pantheons.  You’ll visit the temple of Kali (removal of blockages), Mother Mary (emotional healing), Kuan Yin (self-nourishment), the Avalon Priestesses (intuition), Hecate/Hekate (releasing past life trauma), Aphrodite (relationships), Lilith (energetic awakening), Mary Magdalene (love/sexual energy), and Isis (full self-empowerment).

“You Are a Goddess” interpreted by Wombo Dream

Each chapter provides a meditation to connect with the Goddess and the author reveals stories from her own life of how Goddess has worked through her, plus how reclaimed energy can be practically used in your life.  There is a lot of emphasis on women as healers, since Divine feminine energy is a healing energy.  However, you don’t need to consider yourself a healer (in whatever way that resonates with you) to benefit from this book.  Nor do you need to connect with every Goddess in here.  I already had an acquaintance with Hekate but had shied away from working with her closely.  And while Hekate means a lot more to me than just healing past life trauma, I did use the meditation provided to reconnect and recommit and get our relationship back on track.  

This is one of those books that will mean something different to almost anyone who reads or listens to it – whether you’re just interested in learning more about Goddess energy or you’re working through a trauma and looking for the right one to reach out to – you should find information in here that is applicable to you.  But if you really take the time to work with a Goddess, be prepared to be transformed – for the better.

Not to mention the author seems like a very lovely person – she’s a delight to listen to.

4.5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐+

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