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Audiobook Review: I’m Wearing Tunics Now

By Wendi Aarons

Published November 2022

256 Pages

7 hours 7 minutes

In my foray into audiobooks, I decided to try something that wasn’t straight informational non-fiction, but I already have access to most of the fiction books I want to read and I’m not quite ready to jump into an Audible subscription (how many subscriptions can one person possibly maintain?)  So I turned to memoir, preferably humorous memoir, and landed on this one.  I’m a Gen Xer, roughly the same age as the author with kids roughly the same age, so I figured this would be an enjoyable choice.  And who doesn’t want to arrive at work in a good mood after listening during the commute in?

The problem became almost immediately apparent: I didn’t find the author’s brand of humor funny.  I chuckled along at the brief mention of Bunko, sympathized at the horror of trying to fit into a neighborhood mom group that doesn’t click for you, the dismissal of menopause by the male population (it’s real and it’s ugly), and often just feeling like a fish out of water.  But that’s about all I got out of this book – one or two quick laughs and a few grimaces and head nods.  It had a lot to do with the fact that the author and I have wildly different worldviews and things we place importance on.  I could have enjoyed her point of view if she didn’t have to be quite so opinionated that the other side ought to be eliminated (seriously, I didn’t pick up this book to hear a political diatribe).  I skipped part of that chapter.

“I’m Wearing Tunics Now” interpreted by Wombo Dream

No, what really wrecked this book for me was the author’s voice.  I realize that the narrator of a memoir ought to be the author, but she sounds like she’s Gen Z, not Gen X.  Her internal remarks came across as snarky/whiny, and I finished listening with the impression that she’s still insecure, possibly shallow, and the world is never going to live up to her expectations of how it ought to be.  

I didn’t rate this lower than I did because I’m aware it might appeal to a lot of women and I did recommend it to a coworker’s daughter, but I cautioned she might want to read it rather than listen to the audiobook.  

2/5 stars ⭐⭐

Thank you to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Audio for providing the ARC audiobook.  I’ve left my review honestly and voluntarily.

Until next time, thank you for visiting.

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