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Audiobook Review: Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic.

By Lisa Lister

Published May 2017

304 Pages

7 Hours

I always have a non-fiction book or audiobook running in the background, something I listen to on the way to work or pick up as the mood strikes, but I don’t usually post those reviews.  However, I’m going to change that since I never know who else might be interested in the same things that I am (if you are, leave a comment!)

This was on offer from my Hay House subscription and overall, I loved it!  I did have some mixed feelings about a few things, but I’ll get to those.

The focus of this book is to help remember/reawaken wise-woman healing energy, the wisdom that once made women so powerful they were silenced.  The author is unapologetic about this book being written for biological females; although, I give a loud shout out to all the male witches out there.  But sorry guys, this one isn’t written with you in mind.

“Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic” interpreted by Wombo Dream

Some basics of witchcraft are covered, such as the Wheel of the Year and the Sabbats, and some of the different paths that a witch could follow.  The author also explains her own path and how that was shaped through her family history.  But the book is more about empowerment; how women can find and reclaim their power.  There’s exploration of why wise women and healers were outcast and/or condemned to death and why so many women today are reawakening to their Goddess energy – and why it’s absolutely necessary that we do.

I loved the author’s raw energy and enthusiasm.  I don’t think I would have gotten as much out of it if I’d read it rather than listened to it.  She is FIERCE, and passionate, and really reaches out and convinces you that yes, you DO have this power in you.  Honestly, this is a great primer for anyone just starting to look into their own power or for women who have been following a path for years. It will get you motivated.

My only criticism (aside from the fact it’s difficult to take notes on a spell while I’m driving), is that the author is a vocal proponent of “pussy power.”  So if you’re not entirely comfortable with that (either in concept of the actual words), be warned it’s used in here a lot.  I actually saw where one of my Goodreads friends couldn’t finish the book because that phrase turned her off.  If you feel the same, just know it gets toned down after about the third chapter.  And this is one that’s well worth pushing through any discomfort to get the full message.

4.25/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐+

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