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Book Review: Dirty Lying Faeries

By Sabrina Blackburry

Published September 2022

369 Pages

When Thea attends an art exhibit with her best friend Candace, she meets Devin, a stereotypical tall, dark and handsome stranger who changes her world.  Literally. 

Devin chooses Thea as the winter soltice’s faerie changeling, and before Thea even has a chance to protest, she becomes a fae who will ultimately be forced to leave her human life behind.  The first problem with this arrangement, aside from the fact she didn’t approve it beforehand, was that she wasn’t supposed to be the changeling.  Candace was.

Not only does Thea need to learn the ways of the fae as soon as possible, she finds herself mated to Devin, who is the King of the Winter Court and making Thea the Lady of the Court.  Ugh, a stranger and royalty.  On top of that, trouble is brewing between the courts and the wild fae with Thea stuck in the middle, having to decide if anything she’s been told about the wild factions are true and if anyone in the Courts can be trusted.

“Dirty Lying Faeries” interpreted by Wombo Dream

This was yet another book that lingered on my TBR shelf for entirely too long.  The premise isn’t that unusual – faeries hiding among humans, but I loved the author’s interpretation of the faerie’s glamour vs. their true appearance and the structure of the courts.  Honestly, all of the world building was beautiful and imaginative.  I found Thea to be relatable; not too much of a clichéd wallflower thrust into having supernatural abilities above and beyond the norm.  There was no quick snap of the fingers and she suddenly learned what she needed to know, including how to use her powers.  She had to work for it, which I appreciated.

The inclusion of Candace and other friend’s from Thea’s human life were also well played, as was her connection with Devin.  I think my only complaint was that the climax and denouement felt a little rushed.  I would have liked to have seen that drawn out a bit.  As well, how she’ll extricate from her human life didn’t seem to cause her too much grief and wasn’t gone into that much, but this book didn’t cover that much time and might be covered in the sequel, which is due out this summer. Or maybe not.  I’ll have to read it to find out.

Last words:  Enough of a twist on the human-to-faerie theme to make it worth the read.

4/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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