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Audiobook Review: Pink Moon: A Hex Support Mystery

By Annabel Chase and Tana Grey

Narrated by Carly Robins

Released December 2022

5 Hours 59 Minutes

Ten years after she retired from Hex Support, a secret division of the Federal Bureau of Magic, Katherine Fairfield is called on to solve a high-profile case: the murder of a Savannah socialite and mage.  Katherine had hung up her agent badge after the death of her husband to take care of her family.  But now, with her sisters grown and her twins in college, she figures a change of pace might be what she needs, even if her sleuthing skills are a little rusty.

That’s before an attractive vampire known only as Palmer decides to “help” her with her case.  With seven cousins as suspects, Katherine doesn’t need any distractions on this one-and-done favor to her former boss.  But the allure of the chase grows on her and Katherine has to decide if she’s ready to hang up her apron and mother persona to brew up a little excitement for herself.

This audiobook is just the kind of light Witchlit I look for.  The Fairfield witches are powerful, there’s no bumbling young witch trying to find her magick here.  Plus, they live in an enchanted house which, in my book, is always a plus.  For the most part, the magic system is well laid out and easy to follow, although if the authors said what powers Katherine’s middle sister has, I missed it.  (Of course, there’s a whole series here so I’m sure it will feature later on.)  The vampire, Palmer, added a great potential love interest and given he’s so secretive, I’m sure there will be more surprises in store for him as well.  

“Pink Moon” interpreted by Wombo Dream

One thing I wasn’t sure about that I wish had been delved into more was whether this is more fantasy or magical realism.  In that, I mean I didn’t glean if regular mortals were aware there are witches and other supernaturals living among them.  Some did, for sure, such as the socialite’s lawyer and assistant, but if it was a generally accepted premise among the general population, I missed it.  Which is the drawback to listening to audiobooks primarily when I’m driving.  Sometimes my attention has to be elsewhere.

I do wish this had been a little longer.  The printed version (published in May 2022) is only about 200 pages, or just over 50,000 words, so barely in the novel range.  Almost a novella.  Then again, as I’ve said before it’s a series so there’s more books to flesh out the plot and characters.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable, almost fluffy, bite-sized mystery, give this one a go.  

3.75/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐+

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